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Eggs & Egg Products


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Astro Bridge International – Elevating Your Culinary Journey with Premium Egg & Egg Products.

Our basket of Egg Products includes

White Shell Indian Eggs

India, as a significant player in the poultry industry, exports white eggs to meet global demand. The export of Indian white eggs ensures a steady supply of quality protein to international markets, showcasing the country’s commitment to global food security.

We Astro Bridge International exports fresh eggs at different sizes as follows:

44 grams to 48 grams
48 grams to 52 grams
52 grams to 55 grams


30 Eggs per paper tray, 12 Trays in a carton box, Totally 360 Eggs per carton box.


1. 1312 cartons in a 40 ft Reefer container
2. 656 Cartons in a 20 ft Reefer container

Pasteurized Liquid Eggs

Pasteurized Liquid Eggs are a versatile and convenient egg product that undergoes processing to be transformed into a liquid form, offering a practical alternative to traditional shell eggs. This liquid form is achieved through a controlled and hygienic process, ensuring safety and ease of use.

Astro Bridge International offers varieties of Egg liquids such as :

Whole Egg Liquid
Egg Yolk Liquid
Egg Albumen Liquid
Available Types Frozen or Chilled
Apperance Homogenous liquid Substances without any solid dirtness
Odor / Taste Natural for eggs, without extraneous odor and tastes
Packing 1 Kg Tetra Pack / 5 Kg Pouch / 20 Kg Pouch/ 5kg Jerry Can / As percustomer request.

Egg Powder

Egg Powder is a versatile and convenient form of eggs that undergoes a dehydration process to transform fresh eggs into a powdered state. This innovative product retains the nutritional benefits of fresh eggs in a compact and shelf-stable form.

Egg Powder serves a wide range of culinary purposes, making it a valuable ingredient for baking, cooking, and food manufacturing.
The primary advantage of Egg Powder lies in its long shelf life and ease of storage.
It eliminates the need for refrigeration, making it a practical choice for both households and industrial kitchens.


1 Kg, 25 Kg Carton Box or As per Customer requirement


12 MT per 20ft Container